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Shubb Deluxe | S1 | Acoustic Guitar Capo
Crafted of stainless steel, its roller mechanism provides smooth operation. Stainless steel ..
SOLD OUT | Shubb Standard | C1 | Acoustic Guitar Capo
Original Shubb Capo in nickel finish. Introduced in 1980, the original Shubb Capo is the choice o..
Shubb Deluxe | S2 | Classical Guitar Capo
For nylon string guitar, or any guitar with a perfectly flat fretboard. 2.25 inches, flat. ..
SOLD OUT | Shubb Standard Brass | C1B | Acoustic Guitar Capo
Original Shubb Capo in plain, unplated brass finish. Its surface will darken with time. ..
SOLD OUT | Shubb Lite | L9 | Ukulele Capo
The Shubb Lite is made of aluminum. It weighs less than 25 grams ..

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